lincoln3paris2_2I started doing my reliefs on a whim, frustrated with my day job as an architect. I needed a creative outlet and I just started playing around with paper models, cutting and folding. The beauty of skyscrapers, the rythym of the windows and the structure has always interested me. I started cutting out those forms in paper, especially focusing on the light in the different planes my cuts created. I was living in South Florida at the time where the sunlight is strong. This particular vernacular is built for it’s subtropic climate. The exterior expressions of the art deco of Miami Beach utilizes the light exemplified by the “eyebrows” over the windows, the amount of windows, especially at the corners, or curves of the buildings. The materials are simple, mostly stucco and metal accents. The punctures of the buildings are important. So are the punctures or the transparent skin of skyscrapers. My first pieces were of the art deco hotels in South Beach. Then I went bigger and started depicting skyscrapers in New York City and Chicago.